On Sunday, November 4, residents of the Five Towns had the opportunity of participating in the Annual Breakfast in benefit of Mosdos Munkatch. As in years prior, the event was graced by the presence of the Munkacser Rebbe, shlita.

As has become a tradition, the event was hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Yussie Ostreicher, longtime supporters of the Munkatch chinuch institutions worldwide. The Ostreichers, who graciously open their home for the breakfast each year, are deeply rooted to Munkacs by generations of heartfelt devotion, stemming all the way back to the glory days of pre-Holocaust Europe. Yussie’s paternal grandfather, Reb Menachem Ostreicher, a’h, served as one of the roshei kehillah in Munkacs and helped spearhead the community under the direction of the previous Munkacser Rebbe, Rav Chaim Eluzar Spira, zt’l, the revered Minchas Eluzar. That warmth and closeness continue to this day. Yussie and his family maintain a special relationship and a singular connection with the Munkacser Rebbe, shlita.

Mr. Ostreicher delivered opening remarks and used the opportunity to express his gratitude to Hashem for giving him the opportunity to host such an eminent personage as the Munkatcher Rebbe. In 2013, the Ostreicher and Zitter families dedicated the Munkatcher Yeshiva and Kollel “Zichron Tzvi,” in memory of their late Reb Hershel Ostreicher, a’h.

Harav Mordechai Stern, mara d’asra of Beis Medrash Heichal Dovid, served as the keynote guest speaker who spellbound his listeners with a spiritually uplifting derashah. Rabbi Stern welcomed the Rebbe back to the community and urged participants to utilize these precious moments when the tzadik is in town to maximize on the opportunity for spiritual growth.

The standing room only crowd listened with reverence as the esteemed Munkatcher Rebbe, shlita, delivered divrei Torah in honor of the occasion. The Rebbe stressed the affinity that he feels towards each and every community member, rabbanim and laymen alike, and thanked the participants for the warm welcome he receives whenever he visits the area. The Rebbe then continued to relay the importance of supporting Torah of the Munkatch Torah institutions which are a direct link to the hundreds of years of Torah scholarship, established by the Rebbes of the Munkatch dynasty.

At the culmination affair, all participants were honored to receive a personal berachah from the Rebbe, shlita, who greeted each individual with his special renowned warmth which left an everlasting mark on all those fortunate to attend.


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