Esther Fogel

Person-centered care is a healthcare approach that prioritizes patient preferences and encourages patient participation when making treatment decisions. Since its inception, Comprehensive Audiology has valued input from and collaboration with our patients and their family members, learning about their lifestyles and unique needs in order to tailor care and provide emotional support when appropriate.

Recently, we formalized these values by receiving training and certification by the Ida Institute, a Denmark-based nonprofit dedicated to person-centered care in hearing healthcare. This designation not only recognizes our commitment to an international person-centered code of ethics, but also to the better outcomes and higher rates of satisfaction that result thereof.

Comprehensive Audiology is proud to join the growing number of Inspired by Ida audiologists adopting the personalized care obligation that has always typified our practice. We counsel patients as they face new hearing needs and challenges that impact their daily life, their identities, and their families. Because person-centered care partners with patients to hear and manage their specific concerns, so much unnecessary anxiety is avoided. Evaluating, treating, and getting to know the children and grandchildren of some of our long-time patients has been a rewarding testament to the effectiveness of our enduring approach. With the onset of a new year, consider using person-centered providers for all of your primary and preventative healthcare needs. As always, we look forward to providing you and your loved ones with quality, customized care.

Comprehensive Audiology is located at 261 Broadway in Lynbrook. Appointments can be made by calling 516-387-4000 or emailing Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, or Instagram @comprehensive_audiology, or visit


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