Consolidated Edison and its unionized workers are back at the bargaining table as they try to end an 11 day lockout.

The two sides resumed negotiations yesterday, but failed to agree to a contract.

Con Edison issued a press release saying it is offering a 10 percent pay hike over four years but wants employees to pay more towards health care.

The union calls the press release inaccurate, and says the utility should not be negotiating in public through the media.

Workers on the picket line say two sides had agreed to a gag order on the talks.

“Do I think it’s negotiating etiquette, it doesn’t sound like it is,” said one locked out employee.

“I think that people are beginning to understand that the company is trying to pit them against their own union,” said another locked out employee.

“I wanted to put out our latest proposal just so the union could take a look at what we’re offering in terms of what we think is a fair and equitable package for our employees,” said Con Edison Media Relations Director Michael Clendenin.

The utility’s 8,500 unionized workers have been locked out since the beginning of the month.

Con Ed says 5,000 managers have been dispatched to the field during the dispute.


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