The US remains the largest single state donor to the United Nations Reliefs and Works Agency (UNRWA), the dangerous UN program that has cultivated, encouraged and radicalized the so-called Palestinian refugee problem.  Created in 1948 to assist Arabs who alleged that they lost their homes and livelihoods in the 1948 Israeli Independence War, this short-term program was mandated to address the plight of a only few hundred thousand individuals.  Instead of  acting to resettle displaced persons, UNRWA has spent the ensuing 4 generations since 1948, nurturing and facilitating those Arabs who claim they want to destroy Israel and return to their former homes inside of  Tel-Aviv and Haifa.  Today UNRWA proudly boasts that it provides services to over 5 million Palestinian refugees!

While the Arab League and the Islamic states annually ignore their pledges to fund UNRWA, the US and the EU continue to financially perpetuate UNRWA’s $650 million budget. On June 18, 2013, the US announced a donation of  $123 million to UNRWA.

In addition to prolonging the Palestinian refugee issue, UNRWA has allowed the camps, facilities and schools it administers in the Palestinian Authority and neighboring Arab states to become hotbeds of  Palestinian terrorist training and anti-Semitic incitement. Indeed, Hamas, the Islamic Jihad, the PLO and Hezbollah all continually utilize UNRWA facilities to advance their criminal operations.

Recently, four US Congressmen sent a powerful letter to Secretary of State John Kerry demanding that the US investigate and monitor this rogue UN program. House members Gerlach, Dent, Meehan and Fitzpatrick warned Kerry that funding UNRWA was harming the US and promoting racist hatred as well as religious extremism in the Middle East:  “We cannot continue to support the provision of US taxpayer dollars to organizations, which seek to undermind US foreign policy and our efforts to bring peace and stability abroad. There is simply no justification for US taxpayers to support organizations that encourage the dissemination of  hatred, violence and anti-Semitism.”

The Congressional letter, linked here, needs to be read and widely circulated. Please pass it along.

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