Were the Labour Party to win the next election, the United Kingdom would “recognize Palestine,” the party’s leader said on Wednesday.

“A quarter of a century on from the Oslo Accords, we are no closer to justice or peace, and the Palestinian tragedy continues while the outside world stands by,” Jeremy Corbyn said at an annual party conference in Liverpool, where he was applauded by the crowd, which reportedly consisted of multiple Palestinian flags waving. “As my great Israeli friend Uri Avnery, who died this year, put it: ‘What is the alternative to peace? A catastrophe for both peoples.’ ”

“And in order to help make that two-state settlement a reality, we will recognize a Palestinian state as soon as we take office,” he added.

Additionally, Corbyn blasted “the ongoing denial of justice and rights to the Palestinian people,” and said his party is “united in condemning the shooting of hundreds of unarmed demonstrators in Gaza by Israeli forces and the passing of Israel’s discriminatory Nation-State Law.”

He continued, “The continuing occupation, the expansion of illegal settlements and the imprisonment of Palestinian children are an outrage.”

The development comes amid allegations of anti-Semitism increasing in the party, with Corbyn’s anti-Semitic and anti-Israel history revealed by numerous reports.