A 5TJT Op-ed by Rabbi Yair Hoffman

Ari Fuld was a hero.  But could his death have been prevented?

The answer is “yes” and can be found in last week’s headlines.  It is somewhat strange that no one has connected the dots.

The murderer, Khalil Yusef Ali Jabarin, was, in all probability, educated in an UNWRA school. In these schools, Palestinian children are given textbooks that cultivate hate and a love for terrorism. Last week, President Trump nixed funding to UNRWA – something that should have been done long ago. Had a previous president done so, Ari Fuld’s life could have been spared.

A report issued in July of 2017 and cited on Arutz Sheva showed that UNRWA textbooks had the following:

UNRWA school books present terrorists killed in action as role models to be emulated: Dalal al-Mughrabi, who led the terror attack in 1978 on an Israeli civilian bus on the Coastal Highway, in which thirty five civilians – men, women and children – were murdered, is referred to twice.

In Arabic Language, Grade 5, Part 1 (2017) p. 14, she is mentioned among the martyrs of Islamic and Arab history of the country.

Another UNRWA school book mentions: “Dalal al-Mughrabi who led the Fidai ‘Deir Yassin’ operation on the Palestinian coast in 1978 in which more than thirty soldiers were killed” (Social Studies, Grade 9, Part 1 (2017) p. 74).

The violent struggle in which the Palestinian children are encouraged to participate includes the perceived “Right of Return” to villages lost during the 1948 war.

A poem titled “A Refugee’s Outcry” reads:

I shall not live as a displaced person; I shall not remain fettered

Tomorrow I shall march as a revolutionary/avenger [tha’ir] and rebel

I shall not be afraid of the storms when they sweep the expanse

And of the hurricanes that hurl black destruction

I am the owner of the great right of which I make the morrow

I shall reclaim it; I will reclaim it as a precious and sovereign homeland

I shall shake the world tomorrow and march as a singular army

I have an appointment in my homeland; it is impossible that I forget that appointment”

(Arabic Language, Grade 5, Part 1 (2017) p. 85)

Another poem, adding incitement to exterminate “the foreigners” to the violent struggle:

“I swear! I shall sacrifice my blood to water the noble ones’ land

And I shall remove the usurper [code name for Israel] from my country and shall exterminate the foreigners’ scattered remnants

O country of Al-Aqsa [Mosque] and the sacred place [Haram]; O cradle of pride and nobility

Patience, patience, for victory is ours and dawn peeps out from darkness”

(Our Beautiful Language, Grade 3, Part 2 (2016) p. 64)

The newspapers and television stations are filled with stories about how President Trump is out of his mind or insane. It seems he is the only one with a dose of sanity. It is a shame Ari Fuld had to die for us to realize the extent of UNWRA’s damage both to us and the moral fiber of Palestinians.


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