This parking rule must be from the age of horse and buggy.

A city councilman is looking to revamp a law that allows cars to park 15 feet from hydrants in a no-standing zone while dropping off or picking up a passenger, as long as the driver is in the car and can move if asked.

The current law permits the convenience only “from sunrise to sunset.” Councilman David Greenfield, who has a history of campaigning on behalf of more parking spaces, is looking to change that.

Greenfield (D-Brooklyn) said several of his Borough Park constituents have complained of getting $115 parking tickets for obeying the rule after dark.

Source: The NY Post

“It seems like one of these archaic laws that’s been on the books for many, many years, back before there were lights and sirens,” said Greenfield, who introduced the bill yesterday to have the rule apply 24-7.

“One hundred years ago, when you had fire vehicles without lights and sirens, they probably didn’t want you parking at a hydrant at night because you couldn’t see them, but I would imagine in the year 2012 . . . you could hear these guys coming from a mile away.”


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