Investigation: Law enforcement officials are taking a close look at the burned-out cabin where Dorner spent his last moments

The husband and wife who say they surprised  Christopher Dorner in their home, hours before he was killed in a dramatic  standoff, described their terror as he bound their hands and feet.

Jim and Karen Reynolds say they came to the  home just before noon on Tuesday to find the fugitive had been staying in an  upstairs room.

Mrs Reynolds said that Dorner seemed ‘calm  and methodical’ when he approached them, but her first instinct when she saw him  was to run away – and Dorner chased after her.

She tried to run up the stairs but was  quickly caught by Dorner, who dragged her away.

Investigation: Law enforcement officials are taking a close look at the burned-out cabin where Dorner spent his last moments

Mr Reynolds said that after first  trying to  keep them calm, Dorner tied up their hands and feet with zip  ties before  stuffing washcloths in their mouths.

He then covered their faces with pillowcases  and wrapped electrical cords around their heads.

” Ireally thought it could be the end,” she  told reporters on Wednesday night.

The Reynolds said that despite early reports,  it was them – and not their housekeepers – who had encountered Dorner in the  home.

They said that he tried to keep them calm and  told them repeatedly that he was not going to kill them.

Mr Reynolds, who has been married to Karen  for 36 years, added: ‘He said he just wanted to clear his name.’

Mrs Reynolds added: ‘He said he needed  transportation out of big bear. He continued to say to us quite frequently he  would not kill us and just asked us to do what he asked.

He  knelt down beside me and said “you’re going to be quiet, right?”‘

Ordeal: Karen and Jim Reynolds say that they surprised Dorner when they walked into one of the units they own near Big Bear Lake – where he had been staying

After taking some time to  grab his belongings, he fled the home in their car.

They waited for  several  minutes until they were sure than he had gone, and then helped  each other pull  the pillowcases off their heads and call 911.

Hours later, he was killed  in another home that burned to the ground after a firefight with San Bernardino  sheriff’s deputies.

Despite the turmoil, Mrs  Reynolds said that she did not wish Dorner any harm,  saying: ‘I didn’t wish him  dead at any point. I prayed for him.’

They said the home was  unoccupied, and they were in the process of cleaning up the property after a  recent snowstorm, and Dorner had been watching them.

Mrs Reynolds said: He said  we’re very hard workers, good people. He could see [Mr Reynolds] working on the  snow every day.’

Meanwhile,  shocking photos from the scene of yesterday’s bloody gunbattle have been  revealed as authorities release the  names of two officers shot during Dorner’s  last stand – one  of them fatally.


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