A young girl who was forced to sit at the back of the bus at the demand of two ultra-Orthodox men was awarded NIS 13,000 in compensation, Army Radio reported on Wednesday.

The incident occurred on a bus operated by the Superbus company in Beit Shemesh. Two ultra-Orthodox men forced the girl to move to a seat at the rear of the bus in order to physically separate men from women.

The company was ordered to pay the fine after the presiding judge ruled that gender separation on a public bus is illegal and it is the responsibility of the driver to prevent segregation on the vehicle.

photo of a public bus in Israel. Forced segregation on a bus in Beit Shemesh led to a NIS 13,000 fine in July 2012.

Beit Shemesh has become a hotbed of extremist ultra-Orthodox activity as fringe groups try to enforce strict modesty laws on other residents of the city. Last month, a woman was attacked in her car by ultra-Orthodox men as she drove through the city.

Source: Times of Israel


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