With the COVID-19 epidemic on the rise in our community, the Five Towns Premier Rehabilitation and Nursing Center cannot get the second round fast enough! Joe Benden, administrator of the Five Towns Premier, is proud to share that they have worked diligently to have received the vaccine on the very first day it was administered in New York facilities. Given how fast COVID-19 spreads, particularly in the elderly, Benden feels it is his moral obligation to protect all residents and staff. “Our hope is that we get widespread acceptance of the vaccine,” said Joseph Benden. To minimize fears that persist among the elderly, the Five Towns Premier has engaged in an aggressive campaign to educate all about the vaccine. On Monday, January 11, the Walgreens pharmacy team administered the second dose of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine in the hope to save lives and stop the spread of this deadly virus. Joseph Benden’s team is doing their best to meet the critical needs of his residents.


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