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As ceramic artists my mom and I are always looking for new creative ideas for Jewish things to make in our studio to help us beautify and celebrate the Sabbath and Holidays. Because seriously, how many Seder Plates, Mezuzot, Kiddush Cups and Hannukkiot can you possibly make? Part of the joy of working with clay is that often the clay speaks to the artist, much like a huge slab of stone might speak to a sculptor. And this year, one of the highlights to emerge from my mom’s studio was the Thanksgivakkah (Turkey) Menorah.
We had so much fun creating this unique “New” Jewish Heirloom that she started to brainstorm about what other aspects of our tradition she could mine for “New” Jewish Heirlooms. My mom has created a new Etsy site to feature both old and new Jewish ideas and projects. And one of her newest inventions are Passover Story Tiles.
During the Passover Seder many families have the tradition to either go around the table, giving each guest a chance to read part of the Seder, or certain “roles” are assigned. My mom has created 10 small ceramic tiles which tell the story of the Passover Seder in a fun and unusual way.
Each of the 10 tiles triggers a small part of the story. The tiles can be used simply to tell the story, to give out or assign roles or parts to your guests and Seder participants, or as part of a game to capture the imagination of the children at the table.
That’s just one example of the new and unique Judaica that my mom is creating at her Etsy site: JEWISH HEIRLOOMS

My Mom and Dad are serious collectors of all sorts of things: knife rests, Golden Books, Beatrix Potter figurines. They are hoping that JEWISH HEIRLOOMS will create a whole new generation of collectors and collectibles to enhance family traditions and create heirlooms for the next generation. As her motto states: ”Unique Judaic Heirlooms For The Contemporary Family.”
For this and many more unique Judaic Heirloom ideas, check out: where you can find the answers to the following Four Questions:

1. What does one do with the spent match after lighting Sabbath candles?
Answer: Place them in the fire protected “Used Matches Sabbath Box.”

2. Where do you light a Memorial Candle (Yahrzeit-Yizkor Candle) for a loved one?
Answer: In the personalized “Memorial Candle Holder”

3. How should one have celebrated the confluence of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah this past year?
Answer: With a limited edition Hanukkah Menorah made with turkeys, to hold tea candles; or a set of miniature pumpkins, each holding a Hanukkah candle. (Some are still available for purchase)

4. How does one know which wine glass is yours at the Sabbath table?
Answer: With a beautiful wine glass Jewish charm, hanging on the bottom of your glass in your own unique color.

My mom also started a great new blog all about her adventures in her ceramic studio and her process of coming up with and creating these special items of Judaica. Find it at

*Rena Rossner is a ceramic artist, writer and literary agent living in Jerusalem. She has written extensively for The Jerusalem Report and The Jerusalem Post. Her cookbook, Eating the Bible, was recently published by Skyhorse Publishing.


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