By Rochelle Maruch Miller

Hakerem Wine and Spirits is worth a trip from anywhere, as attested to by their ever-expanding customer base. From near and far they come, spanning the Five Towns, five boroughs, Long Island, and well beyond, Hakerem’s best advertisements for superlative service and quality products. Acclaimed as the finest wine and spirits shop in Flushing, Queens, Hakerem is unparalleled in quality and variety in diverse categories of spirits and fine wines.

Pearl Schwartz, the store’s personable and highly professional owner, is the definitive source in everything wine- and spirit-related. Blessed with a keen business acumen, she enjoys a close rapport with her customers and views her profession as a labor of love. Her extensive knowledge of every aspect of the industry is the result of over 20 years of experience. Originally, Pearl, who has been dubbed the “Wine Guru,” worked in a family-owned wine business in her native Brooklyn, where she discovered her calling. But what inspired the amiable and articulate mother of seven to become a wine connoisseur, eventually becoming one of the leading experts on kosher wine and spirits, was the advice her beloved father gave her when she was in sixth grade.

“My father told me, ‘It doesn’t matter what type of job you are given in the school play. What is important, however, is that you completely immerse yourself in whatever you do, to the point that you become a true expert and begin to talk about it with knowledge and passion.’ He said, ‘Even if you are a curtain-puller, become the best curtain puller in the United States.’”

Recalling the advice her father had given her in her youth, Pearl was spurred to action. And once she realized her passion for wine, she delved into the subject. “I haven’t stopped learning for 20 years now,” she told this author. “My goal is to provide the best, most powerful, and most memorable wine-tasting experience.”

This is precisely what Hakerem does to perfection, always striving to give customers a unique shopping experience for everyone–whether they’re wine novices or seasoned connoisseurs–by selling premium quality wines and spirits at affordable prices.

“With 20 years of business experience, we are passionate about wine and know many of our customers feel the same way,” says Pearl. “Our longtime special relationships with producers, importers, and wholesalers brings us considerable savings, which we are glad to pass on to our customers, who truly appreciate being able to obtain an amazing product at a great price!”

Pearl adds: “Our goal is to afford each customer an exceptional wine-tasting experience. Whether you are a newcomer to the world of wine or a wine enthusiast, we want every one of our customers to be confident and comfortable exploring our store and selecting wines they prefer. We are constantly innovating, so check back often.”

From the moment a visitor enters Hakerem’s warm and welcoming environs, she is ensconced in an aura of fun and excitement as customers experience a sensory delight, sampling the world’s most acclaimed kosher wines.

“Hakerem has the friendliest and most helpful staff,” says M.K. of Woodmere. “It makes this well-stocked wine store such a pleasure to visit and purchase wine from. Well-designed to facilitate a pleasant shopping experience, Hakerem houses a stellar selection of wines and spirits. What sets them apart, however, is the way they treat customers with their signature service; always helpful, never condescending to non-experts. They are absolutely worth a trip from anywhere!”

Hakerem Wine and Spirits is located at 141-22 Jewel Avenue in Kew Gardens Hills. For further information, please call 718-261-9463.


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