By Rochelle Maruch Miller

Even the most discerning food aficionados agree that Violet’s Bake Shop is worth the trip. The shop has been featured on ABC-TV’s The Chew and endorsed by TLC’s Buddy Valastro. And although we cannot reveal their names (to protect their privacy), several celebrities are fans of Violet’s highly acclaimed challah and have placed orders.

“My mom ran this bakery for 22 years before officially taking ownership,” says Michael Kahan, who joined his mother, Violet, in what has become the family business. “She ran this bakery all throughout my childhood and it was always her dream to run it as her own. When the opportunity arose for her to possibly take it over, I gave her the push she needed to get it done. I remember calling every day while I was at work to check and see how her meetings went. When the bakery finally was hers, I saw she would need help and left my job to help her. Just like most other kosher bakeries, this bakery only had the typical kosher desserts, such as challah, sponge cakes, coffee cakes, and cookies. My mom, being from Hungary, always had a dream to change things up. In 2009, when she took over, she remodeled the bakery and immediately added to the menu. She added many of her Hungarian pastries such as fluden, zserbo, kiflis, dobos torte, and many other Hungarian items.” Michael adds, “What makes Violet’s unique is our menu, home-style atmosphere, and quick service. We have over 100 items with many different varieties of traditional desserts. We even have blueberry chiffon as well as strawberry babka.”

Featuring an exciting menu of palate-pleasing possibilities, each one a standout in its own right, Violet’s has many varieties of chiffon cakes, babkas, and meltaways, but their biggest standout is their challah, and with good reason. You have never tasted challah this outstanding! Their challah is available in many different flavors, including chocolate. Every flavor is heavenly, with apple cinnamon being the best-seller. “Our biggest Hungarian specialty is our dios (walnut strip) and cacaos (chocolate strip).”

What triggered the opening of Chollywood, Violet’s wholesale company, was the fact that their challah has always enjoyed great popularity. “People actually come from other states to get our challah, and celebrities have endorsed it,” Michael told me. “Our cookie sales have gone up dramatically after we changed our recipe and it has received high praise. Our Hungarian strips have also been receiving high praise. Violet’s is acclaimed for having the best-tasting challah in Queens.”

Violet’s Bake Shop specializes in producing fondant cakes, light and flavorful pastries, and delicious baked goods. The bakery’s unique recipes combine the classic traditions of European pastry schools and contemporary baking methods and techniques. Violet’s Bake Shop is well known throughout New York, as many customers are already familiar with rich flavors and high-quality baked goods.

“Bakeries are, unfortunately, dwindling these days,” Michael explained. “There are so many kosher supermarkets out there that are taking away business from local bakeries and butchers. Communities need bakeries; you will not get the pleasant personalized treatment you get at your local bakery in a supermarket. We need people to support their local stores!”

Located in Fresh Meadows, the heart of Queens, Violet’s Bake Shop is a warm and friendly place to visit. People come in just to chat and get some of the absolutely delicious cookies. No one ever walks out without a smile. Violet loves and values each customer and cordially invites you to discover the sweet and wonderful world of her bakeshop. Every customer is treated like family. For Michael and Violet, the most rewarding part of being in this business is “knowing we can put a smile on people’s faces when they sit down at family dinner and enjoy our products. The fact that Chollywood ships nationwide and can get challah to places in the country that don’t necessarily have challah is another rewarding aspect of being in this business.”

He adds, “If you want a little uniqueness at your dinner table with fast, friendly service, you will get that at Violet’s. We were on TLC’s Bakery Boss and ABC’s The Chew last December, and to this day, people pull up to the bakery to take pictures. Aside from being on television, our bakery is very ‘country’ in the sense that it is Old World by feel, yet modern with our desserts.”

Violet and Michael cordially invite you to avail yourself of the Violet’s Bake Shop experience. Once you’ve tasted their amazing challahs and desserts, you will enthusiastically agree they are worth a trip from anywhere!

Violet’s Bake Shop is under the supervision of the Vaad Harabanim of Queens and is located at 189-09 Union Turnpike, Fresh Meadows (Flushing), NY 11366. For further information, please call 718-468-1243 or visit v

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