The Amigo store in Cedarhurst
The Amigo store in Cedarhurst
The Amigo store in Cedarhurst

By Rochelle Maruch Miller

With Amigo-US, you are always connected when traveling in foreign countries. Regardless of where you may be, you have a crystal-clear connection to home. Since the company’s inception, Amigo Telecom has been a world leader in international phone rental and prepaid cellular services as well as many other travel-related services and products. Amigo’s services, which have earned the company a sterling reputation for high-quality products and customer satisfaction, include worldwide phone rentals as well as exclusive single-country solutions, such as Amigo-US phone rental and SIM-card rental service for students and tourists and Amigo-US USA GSM service for visitors to the USA.

“At Amigo, we offer the latest technology available to the traveler with an emphasis on quality connections at the lowest possible rates,” said Yakov Bodner, president of Amigo-US Telecom. “We realize that short-term travelers, whether on vacation or traveling for business, need to be assured that they will be able to stay connected with their home base. We provide only the highest-quality connections around the world. Amigo offers SIM-card rentals, both smartphone and simple-phone (“kosher phone”) rentals, BlackBerry rentals, as well as high speed Internet modems for the leisure or business traveler in over 150 countries.”

The Amigo-US phone system works on almost all GSM networks worldwide. The company has roaming agreements with the world’s largest GSM networks, which allows Amigo’s phones to work on their networks. “Once your phone is powered on upon your arrival at your destination, it will register with the best network it can find and use that network to place and receive phone calls,” Yakov explained. “No need to search for a store that sells SIM cards when you land.” He adds, “It takes less than a minute to put a SIM card into your phone. Whether you have an iPhone or Android, installing a SIM card into your phone will allow you to have full use of your phone when you travel outside of the United States.”

It is the most economical way to have phone service. While some carriers offer international phone service, using a SIM card is still the least-expensive phone service that allows you to use your own phone. Rates with carriers can be as high as double the price per day in some countries, such as Israel. Amigo’s rates to Israel are only $4.99 per day for unlimited service!

“What makes our company unique is our hands-on customer-support service. Our goal is to help our customers stay connected to their family and friends back home,” Estie Bodner told the 5TJT. Estie, who is Yakov’s wife and co-owner of Amigo-US, recently came on board and shares her husband’s commitment to providing the highest level of customer service. Active members of our community, they feel privileged to include so many Five Towns residents in their international client base. Mention Amigo-US to any of their customers and you are sure to elicit unabashed praise; their commitment to customer satisfaction exceeds all expectations. Although orders should be placed as early as possible to ensure sufficient time for shipping, Amigo will go the extra mile for a customer.

“We do advise customers to place their orders three to five business days in advance to allow time for delivery. You can pick up your order at our headquarters in Cedarhurst or have it shipped to your location as soon as the next day.”

That is just one aspect of the stellar service Amigo’s customers enjoy. “We worry about our customers and we are there for them around the clock, wherever they are,” says Estie. “When you are on vacation, the last thing you should worry about is your phone service. Getting your rental before you travel saves you precious time. No need to search for a local store that sells SIM cards; just put it into your phone while on the plane, and as soon as you land you will have full service.”

Amigo continues to elicit an enthusiastic response from customers the world over. Recently, yet another highly satisfied customer called to thank them for providing exceptional service. “She told us it was a miracle that she had purchased her phone through Amigo,” Estie explained. “She had been traveling with her elderly mother and a medical issue had arisen that had to be immediately addressed. She told us how satisfied she was with Amigo’s clear connection and quality, and with the alacrity with which she was able to connect to the appropriate medical resources and take care of her mother. Baruch Hashem, her mother is doing well.”

At Amigo, going the extra mile for customers is the norm rather than the exception. Patient, personable, and highly professional, Yaakov, Estie, and their staff are unparalleled in providing the high level of service that has made them the premier choice for clear communications.

“The beauty of the SIM card is that it is compatible with all networks and offers unlimited data, unlimited calling, and competitive rates–with absolutely no unwanted surprises, such as added charges.” Currently, Amigo is offering an unbeatable deal of $199 for students traveling to Israel for the year. Many companies now offer student plans for the year. When your child is away from home, using a company that is reliable and reachable in the event that any problems arise will relieve a great deal of anxiety. Knowing that there are personnel in Israel to come to the rescue because your child dropped his cell phone off a cliff while taking a selfie during a hike is a big relief! Trust Amigo to always be there when you need them.

“Knowing that we are helping people stay connected to friends and family is extremely rewarding,” says Estie. “We take pride in being a customer-oriented company. Wherever you go . . . Amigo!”

Amigo-US is located in Cedarhurst at 359 Central Avenue, Suite 3 (back entrance). For more information or for service, visit or call 718-258-5200 or 888-AMIGO-US (264-4687). v

Rochelle Maruch Miller is a contributing editor for the Five Towns Jewish Times. She is a journalist, creative media consultant, lecturer, educator, and writes for magazines, newspapers, websites, and private clients. She can be reached at

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