Third Temple Panoramic view
Third Temple Panoramic view
Third Temple Panoramic view


JERUSALEM- The Temple Institute’s crowed funding campaign to raise funds for the modern architectural plans for the Third Holy Temple in Jerusalem has reached over 70% of its $100,000 goal in just 50 days. The initiative began on the first day of the month of Av, when Jews commemorate the destruction of the ancient Holy Temples and is expected to surpass their target before the Jewish New Year, next week. Over 700 pledges have come in from more than 25 countries worldwide. The indiegogo campaign page has received 10,000 shares on Facebook, while the promotional pitch video, which depicts a digital rendition of the Holy Temple on the modern day Temple Mount has been viewed by over 150,000 people. The Indiego page can be seen here:–3#activity

Jews have prayed to rebuild the Temple, three times daily since its destruction by Roman Legions in 70CE. The Temple Institute’s project to draw up architectural plans began three years ago with the Chamber of Hewn Stone, an online 3D video rendition of which can be viewed here:

The funds raised from the Indiegogo campaign will be used to continue the research of the Institute and to commission additional architectural plans.  The architects will fuse Jewish law with modern technology to prepare for a fully modern third Temple, Kosher to the letter of the law but including mod-cons like underground parking, heating and computerized washing stations that minimize water waste.

Rabbi Chaim Richman, International Director of the Temple Institute explained why they chose the novel approach of fund raising through crowed funding: “We are constantly looking for ways to include as many people as possible in our mission to rebuild the Holy Temple, this is not about one group or organization, its about bringing about a spiritual reunification of mankind, today with the help of the internet our message is resonating across the globe. Our decision to use Indiegogo for this campaign was an extension of our success on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter”.

The Temple Institute is dedicated to the research and recreation of every aspect of the Holy Temple. They have already prepared a six-foot tall golden menorah, a gem stoned encrusted breastplate for the High Priest and the golden table of the showbread in addition to over 60 other sacred vessels. Most of the vessels are on show at their visitors’ center in Jerusalem’s Old City.


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