On a state visit to Israel, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark told Israeli President Shimon Peres, who thanked Danes for saving Jews during the Holocaust 70 years ago, that he “will remember this visit for the rest of [his] life.”

“On a personal note, it is fantastic to be in Israel and to visit so far the museum and to witness also the part that tells a positive story during World War II about Danish Jews being shipped and rescued on small boats across from the shores of eastern Denmark to Swedish shores, that was a very bold act of good Danish citizens who came from all walks of life and who did not hesitate to act when it was very necessary,” the crown prince said. “For me this is something personal but today our two countries commemorate this. I will remember this visit for the rest of my life.”

Speaking at the president’s residence, in Jerusalem, Peres said, “Let me express the appreciation of our people and of myself for your timely visit to our land and to Jerusalem. Denmark is an exemplary country in the world, a state based on peace, social justice and caring for people. I believe that’s why you’re admired.”

“I want to express our profound thanks to your people for what they did during the Shoah,” Peres said. “Among all other countries it was Denmark that made a supreme attempt to save the lives of the Jewish people in your country either by hiding them, defending them or shipping them to Sweden. Most of them were saved and we shall never forget it, we consider it a historic act.”

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Source: The Algemeiner


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