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The moment of decision is approaching.

Stage 1 of the operation involving aerial pounding of over 1000 targets. Stage two involving the ground invasion with the purpose of finding and destroying the dozens of tunnels is not yet completed. The IDF claims it needs about two weeks to complete. That’s why Netanyahu said even they they reach a ceasefire agreement it won’t prevent the IDF from finishing this job.

Stage 3 involving will be the systematic destruction of Hamas’s military assets across the Strip including its leadershiop has yet to begin.

Sec’y Kerry is no where near a cease fire agreement and has indicated that if one is achieved soon he will leave the area. He’s talking a day or two at most.

Should stage 3 be launched it will be spear headed with the Chariot-4 tank’s Armored Shield Protection-Active Trophy missile defense system, the Windbreaker according to DEBKA. The anti-tank missiles that Hamas presently has, won’t leave a scratch on the tanks. Those missiles are blown up without penetrating the tanks’ armor and are powerless to slow their advance. Thus Hamas want an humanitarian ceasefire to give them time to get help from Iran. It ain’e gonna happen.

Iran has already admitted that she supplied Hamas with military technology.

Fifteen people were killed in an UNWRA school. They are accusing Israel of not cooperating in allowing their removal. Israel has said they are lying. There is some evidence that the destruction of the school was caused by an errant Hamas rocket. This is the same UNWRA that has been storing rockets in their premises. the UAR and the US has pledged about 100 million in aid for rebuilding infrastructure and saying that they will ensure that the money doesn’t get into the hands of Hamas. To do this they intend to give it to UNRWA. The same UNRWA that is controlled by Hamas.

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