CSI, the Community Service Initiative of Far Rockaway, is back for its second year. Run by Sari Babad and Ilanna Schuster, this afterschool program for seventh- and eighth-grade girls meets weekly in the White Shul to get involved in local chesed projects, make new friends, and have a great time.

Every Thursday night, a group of energetic, creative girls make their way to the White Shul to devote their talents to helping others. In the past few weeks, they participated in several workshop discussions and hands-on activities in which they explored the importance of chesed and of working together as a team. The discussions didn’t stay purely theoretical–the girls had a blast doing some hands-on community service projects themselves. They put their teamwork skills to good use counting and sorting over 4,000 box tops for local schools. Last week, the girls decorated and laminated TefillasHaDerech cards for lone soldiers in the IDF. Many girls included meaningful letters and messages on the back of the cards, reminding the soldiers that they are in their thoughts and prayers. This activity was done as a z’chus for a refuahsheleimah for Rachel Miriam bas Basha Raizel.

CSI is not just a great way to help others–it’s also a ton of fun for the participants! Every week, the girls are treated to dinner–pizza, fries, and sushi platters (generously donated by Sushi Tokyo)–as well as plenty of snacks. The girls were rewarded for their hard work with a special clay-molding demonstration given by the super-talented Devora Neff. Everyone had a blast sculpting mini penguins, teddy bears, and even doughnuts! The evening was topped off with a surprise ice cream party.

We would like to thank all the girls who take the time to come to a voluntary program to help their community! Also, a special thanks to Zezzi and the White Shul staff for their generous assistance and support. CSI would also like to thank our supporters, Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Lisizta, for their generosity. We are also excited to announce our newest partnership with generationOn and Disney NYC. If you’d like to sponsor a week or help support this amazing program, please contact Sari Babad at 516-578-5698.


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