Yesh Shabbat campers learning all about kosher cooking
Yesh Shabbat campers learning all about kosher cooking
Yesh Shabbat campers learning all about kosher cooking

For Jewish teens looking to experience a fast-paced summer of learning, discovering, and growing, Yesh Shabbat offers a large assortment of enrichment and athletic courses complemented by Torah study, daily tefillah, and glatt kosher food. Julian Krinsky’s renowned program is a truly unique experience no other Modern Orthodox camp can rival.
Yesh Shabbat helps modern, sophisticated young people develop their academic and athletic talents in a comfortable environment where they can live and learn with their peers. “It’s an opportunity to grow in knowledge and understanding of traditional Judaism while enjoying classes that will help prepare students for the college admissions process,” said Julian Krinsky.
Yesh Shabbat offers a great selection of courses so students can concentrate on the subjects they already enjoy, try something new, or do both. Courses range in everything from SAT prep to kosher cooking and business to drama. Yesh Shabbat features small class or group sizes and carefully selected, highly qualified professional instructors. Students are encouraged to make new friends, discover new ideas, develop new skills, and have fun in a friendly atmosphere of exploration and growth. A Yesh Shabbat internship is also available. Exclusive internships let students “try on” a career so they can decide whether they want to spend their college years preparing for it. Interns find themselves in studios, offices, museums, or labs, or behind the microphone or on stage.
Located at Haverford College on Philadelphia’s Main Line, this innovative and original summer program offers one-, two- and/or three-week programs. Students enjoy air-conditioned college dorms, private and semi-private rooms with refrigerators, access to their cell phones, and meals at the kosher dining hall under Orthodox rabbinical supervision.
Every Sunday, students have the opportunity to visit various regional destinations and attractions such as Great Adventure, Dorney Park, or New York City. Students will acquire memories that last far beyond this summer.
The motivation behind the creation of Yesh Shabbat 14 years ago was the desire of Julian Krinsky, the camp founder, to give back to his community.
Originally from South Africa, Krinsky is a former international tennis player and an acclaimed tennis coach. He was ranked number 7 in his home country and played at Wimbledon and the French Open. He also represented South Africa at the Maccabi Games in Israel in 1969 and 1973 and represented the U.S. in 1981, winning silver and bronze medals.
Though Krinsky became a renowned tennis player, there was something inside him pushing him to give back; he was inspired to create Yesh Shabbat camp. After learning of the outstanding love of Judaism of his great-great-grandfather, Rabbi Eizel Charif, he wanted to create a camp for young Jews where they too would love their Jewish heritage.
Eizel Charif, born in Lithuania in 1801, was a child prodigy. He learned the entire Talmud by the time he was just nine and knew the entire treatise of Jewish law by heart. Despite the hours he devoted to studying and writing, Reb Eizel was renowned for the communal and charitable activities he undertook. The deep respect and honor of having such a legacy propelled Krinsky to create a camp to give back, like his grandfather.
“When I learned about my lineage and the impact my ancestors made in the Jewish world, it made me realize my responsibility to the Jewish people,” says Julian Krinsky. “I started Yesh Shabbat and established it as a nonprofit organization to give Jewish students a sense of Jewish identity and the same opportunities afforded to other teens in sports and summer programming.”
Providing world-class educators and courses within a positive Jewish framework are the two pillars of Yesh Shabbat. Yesh Shabbat is Krinsky’s way of making the premier camp more widely accessible. Through teaching children to value both their rich religious heritage and the importance of contributing to modern society, Yesh Shabbat hopes to foster another generation of Jewish children who will contribute to the world around them while maintaining their religious identity.
“After attending Yesh, I feel a strong connection to Judaism that lasts me throughout the year,” said Arianna Breslauer of London, England. “Shabbat is a beautiful experience and my friends from Yesh all relate to my enhanced Jewish identity.”
Yesh Shabbat’s weekly programs for summer 2015 include over 30 classes in sports, arts, and academics, all of which are taught by professional teachers and instructors within a Jewish environment.
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