Chavi Goldberg is changing the way women engage with their Judaism. Religious Jewish women are CEOs of companies, teachers, lawyers, doctors–and meanwhile, they’re normally trying to juggle these professional careers of moving and shaking society with raising their families. Chavi’s goal? Keep these precious leaders in Yiddishkeit from putting Torah on the back burner. She founded CyberSem–the first online accredited women’s seminary–to help women continue their education throughout their whole lives.

On Wednesday, September 25, Chavi will be giving an online webinar introducing prospective students to her seminary and the courses she is offering this year. The webinar will be going out live at 8:00 EDT–but the audience is expected from around the world, including Israel, the UK, France, Australia, South Africa, Russia, Canada, and Latin America. Chavi said, “I am looking forward to speaking to all the bright minds that will join our team. Women everywhere of all ages are welcome at my seminary.”

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