Rabbi Eliyohu Bamberger of Agudah’s Daf Yomi Commission, Rabbi Moshe Brown of Agudah of West Lawrence, and Rabbi Meir Braunstein of Agudah of Long Island

Hundreds participated this Sunday night, November 5 (eve of 17 Cheshvan) at Agudath Israel of Long Island for the worldwide siyum on Maseches Sanhedrin as Agudath Israel of America’s Daf Yomi program continues its march toward the 13th Siyum HaShas, to take place in January 2020.

The siyum was hosted by the daf yomi chaburos of the Five Towns and Far Rockaway, where daily shiurim are given in 35 shuls. A project of the Agudah’s Daf Yomi Commission, the event included a shiur and divrei chizuk v’hisorerus from Rabbi Moshe Brown, Rav of Agudath Israel of West Lawrence and a maggid shiur at the Yeshiva of Far Rockaway. The Hadran was delivered by Rabbi Shmuel Lichtenstein, and the Haschalas Maseches Makkos was presented by Rabbi Tzvi Flaum, both maggidei shiur daf ha’yomi in the community. Rabbi Meir Braunstein, Rav of Agudath Israel of Long Island, offered warm divrei berachah to the mesayemim. The siyum was viewed via live broadcast by thousands all across the globe.


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