By Asher E. Taub, Esq.

We as the voters of the new 6th Congressional District need to compare the two candidates and see who would best represent our interests in Congress.

1. Yeshiva parents are unfairly subject to double taxation. We are required to pay taxes to support a public-school system that our children cannot attend. We are then forced to shell out tens of thousands of dollars in tuition for the right of our children to be educated in a Torah environment. Grace Meng, the Democratic candidate, is against school vouchers for yeshiva parents. Dan Halloran, the Republican candidate, has pledged to fight in Congress for school vouchers for yeshiva parents.

2. Grace Meng voted to make gay marriage legal in New York State. Dan Halloran has always been on record as being against gay marriage.

3. Grace Meng is pro-abortion. Dan Halloran is pro-life.

4. Grace Meng thinks President Barack Hussein Obama is pro-Israel. Dan Halloran knows that Obama is no friend of Israel.

5. Grace Meng was endorsed by Ed Koch, an avid Obama supporter, whose allegiance is to the moment. Dan Halloran has been endorsed by numerous top Israeli officials, including two Deputy Speakers of the Israeli Knesset.

6. Grace Meng’s sister is an anti-Semite. Grace Meng did not disavow her sister or her malicious comments. She gave the standard “I have many Jewish friends” speech.

7. Grace Meng believes that peace can be had with the Palestinians. Dan Halloran has seen firsthand what peace with the Palestinians is all about.

8. Grace Meng believes in the Democratic fiscal irresponsibility that has brought this country to financial ruin. Dan Halloran believes that the budget must be balanced, we must take financial responsibility for future generations, and we must cut regulations that stifle our businesses.

9. Grace Meng supports the budget-busting Obamacare which would bankrupt this nation and destroy the best medical care system in the world. Dan Halloran wants to repeal Obamacare and work for a real resolution to the health-care crisis.

10. Grace Meng’s father was arrested for wire fraud and accepting an $85,000 payoff in a fruit basket. Prior to this arrest he had to resign from the New York State Assembly because of voter fraud. Grace Meng’s father was her main fundraiser in the Democratic Party primary election; he was her confidant and main political adviser. Grace Meng is quoted as saying that she learned everything from her father’s hard work. Dan Halloran is a former police officer, his two brothers are firefighters, and his family has a long tradition of service to New York City going back five generations.

11. Grace Meng wants to have the federal government cut off aid to the NYPD because it spied on Muslim terrorists in mosques. Dan Halloran knows that 17 separate attacks have been stopped by the NYPD’s vigilance and intelligence-gathering activities.

12. Dan Halloran was the only one of 51 members of the New York City Council to oppose the “Ground Zero mosque” (the Park51 Islamic center near the World Trade Center).

Who is the right candidate for our community, for the 6th district of New York?

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