Likud Central Committee Chair and Member of Knesset Danny Danon is running for the position of party chairman. Danon made the announcement at a press conference this week in Jerusalem.

“I am here to return the Likud to its true path. Unfortunately, the current chairman of the party has left the way of the Likud, and now is the time to return our movement to its former glory,” said MK Danon. “Our party has had the privilege to lead this great country because we always made sure to raise the twin banners of diplomatic security issues together with the important socioeconomic causes that are close to all our hearts. Prime Minister Netanyahu has served in his office for many years, but sadly he seems to have lost his way.”

MK Danon listed the indicators that the prime minister has left the path of the Likud: “He froze construction in Judea and Samaria–something no other prime minister ever did; he released scores of terrorists with blood on their hands; and he agreed to a cease-fire with Hamas while the terror tunnels were still being burrowed under our communities. The prime minister stopped the IDF from destroying Hamas and has neglected the issue of the high cost of living here in Israel. At the same time, he has abandoned the Likud’s long-standing political alliance with the chareidim and instead preferred to form a coalition with the left.”

“We in the Likud elected the prime minister to represent our values, but instead he disengaged from our ideology. I am here to say that we must return to the historic way of the Likud. This is the reason I have decided to run for chairman of the party. I am seeking the history and traditions of our movement. I have always stayed true to this path, and I expected our leaders to do the same. Unfortunately, they did not,” MK Danon continued.

“Over the past few days, the prime minister has begun to voice opinions of the right. My friends, do not be fooled. This is a ploy to attract votes and does not indicate a return to his ideological roots,” concluded MK Danon.


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