soldiersRosh Chodesh Menachem Av

Some people can’t think of what they need to do to help.
Some people can think of what to do but can’t quite do it
Some people think of what to do and do it….
And then there are some people who think about what to do and do it in the utmost way.
Today we went to the south of Israel in order to give chizuk to our IDF troops on the border. We were led by our friend David Landau who organized “Standing Together” about ten years ago..
We drove down in a convoy of 4 vehicles, all following David’s kiosk style “distribution center”.

In each of the locations that we pulled into, we were greeted by the most beautiful, happy, excited young people that you can imagine. Some were on duty, some were in a local rest spot, some were in the process of firing artillery as cover for their comrades in Gaza. David and our crew set up shop and gave out everything from toothbrushes and deodorant to slushies and ices and everything in between…..sunglasses, t shirts, socks, candy and nuts. Just to see the faces on these young people to not only receive these treats but to realize that this came from people who really cared about them, was worth the long trip, the blazing sun and the literal dust storm kicked up by the long procession of tanks and other military vehicles that we came across throughout the day. David stood in the kiosk directing us along with his son Rami, and our crew of about ten volunteers made sure that whether the soldiers approached the kiosk, rested in makeshift tents, or were actively doing their duties, they received all the bounty of the gift laden caravan. “Todah”, ” Thank you”, ” Fantastic”, “We appreciate it”, one after another with the warmest, broadest smiles of gratitude.

There was another aspect to what David and our crew did. First of all, the conversations that the soldiers engaged us in, seemed to give them a sense of the warmth of home. But David also brought them letters of support from all over the world. Letters from strangers, from children, in English and in Hebrew. Notes that wished them well and blessed them with success in their efforts. More than anything else, this is what lifted them up.

Thank you David, for giving us the opportunity of  “Standing Together” with our brothers and sisters on the front lines.
For those of you who would like to become part of our team and help out our web address is http:/
Wishing shalom al Yisrael.

Avi Kunstler


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