By Baila Sebrow


I met a girl. She is beautiful, smart, and studying for the same profession that I am in. We started dating, and things got pretty heavy, and now I want to marry her.

Here’s the thing. My parents are divorced, and so are her parents. I met her parents, and they are nice. I introduced this girl to my dad. He liked her a lot, but after speaking to her, he realized that he dated her mom years ago. Things ended badly between them, and now he wants me to break up with her. I have a feeling that even though her mom doesn’t say anything, she hates my dad, but she is OK with me.

My dad is a good guy, but he gets that way with people sometimes. What I want to know is if a girl is cool, will she eventually become like her mother? We are still seeing each other, but we’re keeping it quiet and hidden from my dad. I know that he suspects something, so I asked my rabbi what he thinks. My rabbi says it’s not worth upsetting my dad, and I could always meet someone else. The girl is pretty, like I said, so I’m sure she will find another guy. My dad actually says that all the time! I wonder if maybe there is a way to get him to approve. I am so torn up inside, because I really love her and I want to marry her.

What should this young man do?


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