Dating Forum Preview: When Age Is More Than a Number



I am a guy in my thirties. When I was younger and started dating, my parents never let me date anyone older than I am or even close to my age, but I was always attracted to older girls. I guess I was very mature and couldn’t get along with younger people. When I got older, I started dating who I wanted.

I recently got involved with someone, and she is everything I want in a woman. She’s beautiful, smart, talented, and very special. She is also much older than I am. We want to get married, but my parents went crazy when they heard.

What should he do?



  1. If you are in your thirties and still feel mama and papa need to approve of your choice you are obviously too young to get married. Time to grow up. I would like to hear from this 40 something fiancee who wants to cradle you.


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