Is his girlfriend just rough around the edges or does she have larger issues? Learn more from Dating Expert Baila Sebrow in this week’s 5TJT. Comment below with your opinion.

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  1. Your advice to the man who’s dating a woman who says she has no friends because people are jealous of her and that she seems to be arguing with her parents when she’s on the phone with them, is a clear sign that something is seriously wrong with this woman. Firstly she seems dishonest
    and secondly she seems to have serious mental health problems. Your suggestion that the frightened guy should be straightforward with her about his past, but if he feels so afraid to be honest, he’ll be walking on eggshells his entire married life. I’d suggest therapy for the young man, to find out why he would want to date this obviously troubled woman, and I’d suggest therapy for the woman. He should run – not walk away – from this accident waiting to happen.


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