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I’m an introvert and I am going out with an extrovert, a girl who talks nonstop. She doesn’t just talk about life; she always talks about herself. She can stay on the phone for hours, and I don’t have to say a word. One time I even fell asleep, and when I woke up she was still talking. It must have been like two hours!

I was married before at a young age, and I have sisters, so I know women love to talk, but this is crazy. I am also sure that she thinks she is better than me because she was never married. I am a ben bayis at the people who set us up. I told them what I’m worried about and they said I should be happy that she even wants to date me. They are right about that, because most young girls don’t date divorced guys, and I only wanted to date and marry someone who was never married.

Should I continue to go out with her and try to not let it bother me, or should I end it even though there’s a chance I won’t find any other never-married girl to date?

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