A woman was killed when a cab careened out of control and pinned her to a utility pole, in the worst of four bloody cab wrecks across Manhattan yesterday.

The unidentified victim, who cops say may have been homeless, suffered a severe leg injury and bled to death as she lay on the sidewalk in the horrifying 1:48 a.m. accident at Third Avenue and East 27th Street.

The victim, in her 60s, was pronounced dead on arrival at Bellevue Hospital, cops said.

Cabby Sayeed Ahmed, 32, was heading north on the avenue when his taxi was bumped from behind by a 2010 Honda pulling out of a parking spot.

Ahmed wasn’t charged, but motorist Derek Greenbaum, 22, was ticketed for failure to yield, a source said.

A few hours later, Caitlin Leahy, 22, suffered a broken pelvis when she was hit by a taxi at Sixth Avenue and West 23rd Street. Cabby Nabi Umar, 48, wasn’t charged.

A third cabby suffered minor injuries and went to the hospital after smashing his taxi into a utility pole on Park Avenue near 75th Street at about 7:42 a.m.

Several nearby building workers said the cab – which wasn’t carrying any passengers – was traveling south when it ran up on the median and hit a tree in a concrete planter before getting wrapped around a pole.

“He got turned around 360 degrees,” said Mustafa Cekic, 58, a doorman at 800 Park Ave., directly across from the wreck.

Then, around 6:45 p.m., a 59-year-old woman was struck by a Ford Escape yellow cab on West 181st Street in Washington Heights, cops said.

A witness said she was dragged, along with her grocery bags, underneath the vehicle.

“I saw a cabby going real fast,” said James Ribas, 58. “He didn’t know he hit her.”

She suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was transported to Lincoln Hospital. The cab driver was not charged.


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