I found it ironic that on page one of your Jan. 10 issue there was an
article by the editor condemning the New York Post for its unseemly
portrayal of Menachem Stark, especially in the face of his grieving family,
coupled with an article entitled Tempting Fate by David Wilder who writes
of the late prime minister, Ariel Sharon (the article went to press before
Sharon’s death but probably at the time that it was being reported that he
was dying), that he “will remember him as a monster.” Neither of these
gentlemen were saints, but I’m wondering at the juxtaposition of these two
articles that seem to contradict the spirit of the way newspapers should
handle those who have so recently passed on. Just curious.

Ellen Lebowicz

Editor Responds

I will remember Sharon as a hero regardless of the pain and difficulty
inflicted upon places like Hebron where Mr. Wilder lives and the 9,000
people forced to leave their homes in Gush Kartif in 2005. (See From The
Editor column on the front page of this issue).  The juxtaposing of the so
far unsubstantiated criticism leveled at the newly murdered Mr. Stark’s
business background and that of the difficult and sometime mistaken
political decisions made by Ariel Sharon, come from markedly different
places and do not contradict any editorial policy.  Sharon was a political
figure whose decisions were often made by considering the will or the
perceived will of the electorate.  Being a public figure like Mr. Sharon,
peoples criticism of him were a vital factor in his decision making process.
Political figures and their legacies are frequently subjected to that same
type of opinionated analysis.  Sharon was 85-years old and in a coma for
eight years. Stark was a 39-year-old healthy young man who evidently found
himself in an impossible situation.   The positions on both men can indeed
vary widely and still be presented in a responsible fashion in the 5 Towns
Jewish Times so long as it is accepted for what it is, that is opinions
that some will accept and others will reject.

Larry Gordon


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