By Naftali Wein

Here come the tears, I’ve reserved for so long,

Waiting for the strength, that made you so strong,

Waiting for an explanation, of the mistake that was made,

People like you simply cannot pass, leave, or ever fade.

But tears stream down my face, as I wait for you to come wipe them away,

How can we survive without you, who will say the things you say?

Who will comfort us the way you did, who will fight your fight?

Who will take your place, to make it all alright?

Memories of a peaceful lunch replay, from a time not too long ago,

The waiter thought I was your son; how could he even know?

That we were all your sons, daughters, and best of friends,

You were our mother, holding all our hands.

Now I stare at your coffin, and there’s not much to say,

Tears fall like rain, as they begin to wheel you away,

Even when you were dying, the world stood on your back,

We were the healthy ones, but you kept us all intact.

And as the tears fall from my face, they land in my heart,

Watering a seed, that’s been there from the start,

The Rachel Baron in me, The Rachel Baron in us all,

The reason why you passed, why these tears must fall,

You may be gone, we may miss your smile and face,

The times you could have had, that can’t ever be replaced,

But you will live on, in all those who carry your flag,

“Do everything you can for everyone, and never look back.”


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