A concert was held Tuesday on the site of the former U.S. embassy in Tehran where Iranians chanted “Death to America” to mark the anniversary of the storming and hostage taking at the embassy, in 1979, when student revolutionaries held 52 U.S. diplomats hostage for 444 days.

Al Arabiya reported on Wednesday that the chants during the concert were echoed by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, which said on its website that “Death to America” will remain their slogan, while other Iranian politicians swore to increase the size of this year’s celebration in the face rapprochement with the West .

“Death to America is the manifestation of our nation’s determination and resistance against the dominance of oppressive and untrustworthy America,” it said on its sepahnews.com website. “The revolutionary hatred of Iranians will be manifested nationwide with slogans of ‘Death to America.’”

But Al Arabiya reported that other Iranians are split over whether the chant is still appropriate. Last week, it said the Tehran municipality removed anti-American posters from the streets of the capital.

Despite the chanting, Iranian negotiators will continue to discuss the future of the country’s nuclear program in Geneva later this week.

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Source: The Algemeiner


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