Only a group bent on terror and destruction can declare victory after their leadership ranks has been depleted, the parcel of land they call home has been decimated and they are viewed as pariahs by more of the world than ever before.

It is not just everyone on the right that wanted to see Hamas uprooted and pulverized, many thought this was a golden opportunity to finally rid the world of a growing absolute destructive and unneeded evil.

But as has happened in the past—too many times—Israel compromises and allows their enemies to live to see another day.  It’s a matter of being merciful to the cruel. They allow them to regroup and even re-arm to fight and kill for yet another day.

But still I can see the wisdom and even the vision of Prime Minister Netanyahu as he went along with calls for cessation of hostilities between Israel and Hamas.  Though there was death and destruction combined with awful trauma and fear, still some important things were accomplished.

First and foremost Hamas took a much needed and deserved as well as vicious beating. Terror leaders were eliminated and 1500 air strikes punished and distributed destruction throughout Gaza. If there are fair and reasonable people amongst the one million residing on the Strip, they must be thinking and considering what type of leaders brought them this most unexpectedly wonderful gift.

The eight day blitz of the area also solidified or perhaps even changed the relationship between the Prime Minister and President Obama.  The president—with all his past foibles and faults when it comes to the Jewish state– was consistently supportive of the Israeli response to the incessant firing of missiles on southern Israel and beyond.

Additionally—we now know from unfortunately hard experience what the terrorists who run Gaza are capable of and we know what the Iron Dome missile defense systems strengths and weaknesses are.  We now know clearly that Hamas and Gaza are Iran and vice versa and they need to be dealt with accordingly.

It seems that world leaders are in agreement that Hamas needs to be destroyed but by carpet bombing and killing them all we play into what they in their twisted worldview believe is their mission in the world.  And of course the hypocrisy of the leadership was on display for all to see.  Their leader Khalid Meshal was hiding in Egypt, their president Ismal Haniyeh was smuggled out of Gaza and into El Arish, Egypt because he was afraid of being targeted. Their other chicken hearted leaders were hiding in hospitals and old age homes.

Perhaps their people will now begin to slowly realize they ran away and hid so that they can instruct their citizens—men, women and children—to die so that they and their families can continue to dispense their evil ways for another day.

Video Courtesy of Ynet News


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