Do you have a child in your class or family who is struggling to read? Dyslexia is often a gift in disguise. Most children with dyslexia have above-average intelligence and high creativity. Their symptoms are often missed or ignored. Early intervention is the key to avoiding problems–but educators and parents need to know those symptoms and how they change throughout the grade levels.

On Sunday, December 29, 10:00 a.m.—12:30 p.m., Ohr HaLimud will present a workshop for professionals and parents explaining dyslexia, signs to observe in school and at home, and strategies for reading success. The cost is $36; reservations are preferred, and group discounts are available. There will be separate seating. The workshop will take place at Ohr HaLimud Learning Center, 1681 42nd Street, Brooklyn.

The Professional Development Academy of the Multi-Sensory Learning Center, a division of Ohr HaLimud, looks at the whole child to improve learning and teaching. Ohr HaLimud’s professional team is dedicated to preparing teachers, tutors, allied professionals, and parents to work successfully with children both in their schools and at home. The PDA is offering an impressive selection of workshops, short courses, and the flagship Orton-Gillingham Teacher Training Program, which is now available in both English and Hebrew. The spring course begins Wednesday evening, May 7. Contact Ohr HaLimud at 718-972-0170, ext. 113, or visit for full details. v



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