In an address to an Israel Bonds gala dinner in Boca Raton, Florida, Dermer gives all the reasons that Bibi Netyanhu will take the risk of upsetting President Obama by coming to address the US Congress.

This is not just the right of the Prime Minister of Israel. It is his most sacred duty – to do whatever he can to prevent Iran from ever developing nuclear weapons that can be aimed at Israel.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As purchasers of Israel Bonds, you have been true partners in building Israel.

And in the nearly 67 years of Israel’s independence, we should be grateful for many things.
We should be grateful that we have signed peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan that have endured decades of challenges.

We should be grateful that Israel has transformed itself from an agriculturally based economy to a global technological power.

We should be grateful that Israel is a world leader in medicine and science, and can boast of a dozen Nobel Prize Winners.

We should be grateful that Israel has world class museums, first rate restaurants, European League Basketball Championships and a country so exciting that Israelis actually have to go to Manhattan to unwind.

But above all else, the birth of the Jewish state should make the Jewish people grateful for three things: First, Israel gave us a voice. Second, Israel provided a refuge. Third, and most important, Israel enabled us to defend ourselves.

Now, everyone can appreciate the significance of having a refuge. For nearly seven decades, Jews fleeing oppression have found a home in Israel. They came from the killing fields of Europe, were driven out of hostile states in North Africa and the Middle East, were rescued from Ethiopia and arrived en masse when the iron curtain fell.

Today, it is the Jewish community of France that is flocking to Israel. Three years ago, 1900 French Jews made Aliyah. Two years ago, 3500 came. Last year, 7,000 came. This year, we expect 15,000 to come.

That’s nearly 3% of the French Jewish community — the equivalent of some 200,000 American Jews moving to Israel in a single year.

French Jews are coming because like Jews elsewhere in Europe, they live with a fear they have not experienced since the 1940s.

Their cemeteries and synagogues are desecrated, their schools are attacked, and their fellow Jews are murdered for being Jews.

For a few decades after the Holocaust, anti-Semitism in Europe was politically incorrect. But time has shown that this proved to be a notable exception rather than a new norm.

Anti-Semitism has once again become as European as Croissants.

And it is not just militant Muslims in Europe, who with their grotesque chants of Gas the Jews, spread the old poison. It also includes many European intellectuals – only they mask the old hatred of the Jewish people behind a new hatred of the Jewish state.

When Nobel Laureates compare Gaza to Auschwitz, when the Middle East’s only democracy is singled out for boycotts, and when European governments fall over themselves to embrace a Palestinian government which is backed by …read more

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