By Rochelle Maruch Miller

Delivering Your Luggage In Style. There’s an exciting new specialty service for Florida-bound guests that will surely enhance their Passover travel experience. ESF Trucking is a convenient, efficient solution for transporting your luggage and food supplies from home directly to your hotel or apartment in Florida, affording clients a Passover that is truly devoid of stress.

ESF Trucking is an experienced baggage company that provides for several camps along the East Coast and in the tri-state area. ESF Trucking is reliable and has an excellent reputation for prompt pickup and delivery as well as meticulous attention to detail. Eric Fiedler, the president of ESF Trucking, has made it the successful business it is today.

Having garnered much positive feedback from his ESF Trucking customers, Eric decided to launch ESF Trucking Passover as an attractive option to the long lines, arduous lifting, and, all too often, exorbitant overweight fees that were heretofore the only option available to harried travelers. ESF Trucking’s Passover division was created to specialize in delivery of your luggage and possessions to your Passover Florida destination. The result is their ability to focus on your luggage from your initial phone call all the way to final delivery.

Eric Fiedler is a Five Towns resident who grew up in Lawrence. He attended HAFTR and is a YU graduate. Eric is a young entrepreneur who has a creative mind and a keen business acumen. “What we are offering Passover guests is the ultimate in vacation travel luxury. Our mission is to ensure that your luggage is safely and securely delivered,” he told the Five Towns Jewish Times.

Licensed and bonded, ESF Trucking Passover eliminates the inconvenience of carrying, checking, and claiming bags. On-time delivery is guaranteed, so you can avoid unnecessary aggravation, save time, and protect your possessions safely, securely, and in style. When you ship with ESF Trucking Passover, just relax and concentrate on celebrating the beautiful holiday with your family. Forget about having to divide your family into two cars in a futile attempt to comfortably accommodate all the luggage. ESF Trucking Passover will pick up your bags from your home, deliver them to your Florida hotel or apartment, and send them back at the end of your stay. All you have to do is pack, and let ESF Trucking Passover take care of everything else.

Imagine traveling in comfort, secure in the knowledge that upon arriving at your destination, your luggage will be waiting for you. From luggage to food boxes, ESF does it all, with unsurpassed customer service. ESF Trucking Passover is cheaper than FedEx or UPS and will save you hundreds of dollars in overweight fees. ESF Trucking is an established, highly reputable luggage company that will provide each customer with timely and reliable service. Now through March 1, the company is offering an early-bird special of 5% off (code:ESFsave). To register, please visit, e-mail, or call 516-295-4444. v


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