Destinations cruise image003Destinations by Yossi Zablocki, a leader in kosher vacations and Pesach programs, has now entered the kosher cruise and land tour business and is already revolutionizing the concept of kosher cruises and tours. “For years, glatt kosher cruises were out of financial reach for so many kosher vacationers, and kosher land tours were not even marketed to the American Jewish community,” says Zablocki. By partnering with Koshersea (an Israeli Kosher Cruise tour operator), Zablocki has set out to change that. “We are offering a 10-night Caribbean Cruise in February on the Costa Cruise line that is priced at the same rate as a 10-night hotel stay on land (only $159 per person per night). Plus, you are at sea for Shabbos and don’t miss a single port! During the summer, they already have trips planned to the Norwegian Fjords, Italy, Greece, Spain, and Morocco,” Zablocki notes.

He has also partnered with other glatt kosher tour operators that combine land tours with cruises for a complete vacation experience. They have groups coming in from Israel and Europe taking a two-week land tour/cruise. They spend one week touring the Canadian Rockies and one week on an Alaskan cruise seeing the most magnificent glaciers on Earth. For U.S. clients, they have split up this package and are allowing people to join the land tour, the cruise, or both! Also planned for the fall is a land tour/cruise of Brazil, Argentina, and South America, and next January is Australia and New Zealand. In Israel, the baby-boomer generation has jumped on these vacations and it’s time to offer them to their American counterparts.

Glatt kosher vacationing can be affordable! Grab your passports and come on board! For more information contact, 845-794-6000, or visit


  1. Hi
    1-Have you got any cruises arranged for early Jan 2019
    2 When is your trip to the Norwegian Ffords
    We are a family of 4 Parents and two children( all shomrei Shabbat ) in their mid 20’s wanting to do a trip somewhere


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