I am the Pope. Protestant propaganda, Reformation era

by Bill Levinson
Ted Belman’s post, “Islam is the Enemy,” prompted me to write this article.

The recent murder of three Israeli teenagers, human sacrifices to Allah, and a long litany of mindless violence toward Jews, Hindus, Christians, women, and the wrong “kinds” of Muslims all prove unequivocally that Islam, as practiced in most of the world, has nothing to offer its followers but violence, misogyny, poverty, ignorance, and superstition. Civilized humans have both the right and the duty to destroy this depraved and monstrous ideology.

The goal of destroying or transforming most of an entire religion may sound like an outrageous pipe dream, but it was almost achieved with nothing more than hand-operated printing presses. Now we have radio, television, and the Internet, so what’s stopping us?

The Printing Press Almost Destroyed Catholicism

The medieval Church enforced conformance and superstition with sanctions ranging from excommunication to burning at the stake. Threats to scientists such as Galileo stifled scientific progress and economic growth. Corrupt clergy members sold indulgences for sins, and often lived quite lavishly for people who had taken vows of poverty. Women were then, as they are in Islam today, little better than property.

Martin Luther almost succeeded in destroying this institution with Gutenberg printing presses; PsyWar tools that bear about as much similarity to those that are available today as a 16th century matchlock arquebus bears to an electric Gatling gun. As described by Wikipedia,

The protests against the corruption emanating from Rome began in Germany when reformation ideals developed in 1517-1521 with Martin Luther expressing doubts over the legitimacy of indulgences and the plenitudo potestatis of the pope. The Reformation was born of Luther’s dual declaration — first, the discovering of Jesus and salvation by faith alone; and second, identifying the Papacy as the Antichrist. The highly educated Reformation leaders used prophecies of the Bible as their most powerful weapon in appealing to committed believers to break from Babylon, the fallen church, (i.e. Rome) and to split from the Antichrist (the Pope) who had assumed the place of God.

Note how the Protestants used the Bible, the foundation of the Catholic Church, to attack its leaders. Evangelist Jack Chick, who apparently hasn’t figured out that the Thirty Years War ended roughly 366 years ago, still uses this approach. Chick is, however, an outstanding role model for those who would destroy Islamism.

One day, Bob Hammond, missionary broadcaster of The Voice of China and Asia, told Jack that multitudes of Chinese people had been won to Communism through mass distribution of cartoon booklets. Jack felt that God was leading him to use the same technique to win multitudes to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Not long after, he was invited to present the gospel to a group of inmates at a prison near his home. He drew several pieces of cartoon art and prepared a flip chart to illustrate what he was saying. At the conclusion of his message, nine of the eleven inmates present trusted Christ …read more
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