Elizabeth Smart, whose 2002 kidnapping terrified Americans, told jurors how a Salt Lake City police detective tried to see behind her veil but backed down when the man accused of kidnapping her said her face was hidden for religious reasons. With all the coverage of the Elizabeth Smart case, I bet you never heard this critical piece of information. And Canadian voters would be well advised to considered this in the upcoming election.

Niqab ban at citizenship ceremonies unlawful, as Ottawa loses appeal
Quebec tables new religious neutrality bill banning face coverings

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper has said that his party will examine a wider ban on the niqab for federal public servants, in line with proposed Quebec legislation the federal Conservatives have publicly supported in the past.

Full face coverings are a national security risk and they should be banned. Any woman who wants to cover her face should not emigrate to this country. American women who wish to subjugate themselves to the Islamic misogynist custom should move to a Muslim county under the sharia.

“Detective refused to lift Islamic niqab, subjecting Elizabeth Smart to 7 more months of rape, torture,” Niqab Nightmare — via Creeping Sharia, October 10, 2015

…Niqab defenders will dismiss as “paranoid racist fantasy” all scenarios about the bad things that can result from normalizing the niqab and training public officials to be “sensitized” to it. The defenders are wrong; bad things have happened, right here in the U.S.

I’ll give you the best example I can. What’s astonishing about this horrific incident of niqab sensitivity leading to the prolonged rape and torture of a young girl is that it’s a significant detail from a news story that, in all its other details, received probably as much media attention in the U.S. as any crime story of the past thirteen years. Everything was reported wall-to-wall except the “Muslim” angle. This story may be a worst-case scenario about niqab political correctness, but it happened, and Canadian voters deserve to be able to consider it along with all the rosy scenarios the proponents of “diversity” love to put forward.

Most Americans, and probably a good many Canadians, remember the case of Elizabeth Smart, the beautiful 14-year-old Utah girl abducted from her bedroom in June 2002. The story was huge enough when it was just a missing-persons case, but when Smart was found alive in March 2003, it became a full-on sensation. Revelations that Smart had been subjected to nine months of rape, torture, and brutality at the hands of her kidnapper, self-styled “prophet” Brian David Mitchell (and his female accomplice Wanda Barzee), fed the media firestorm.

In 2010, I covered Mitchell’s trial for the now-defunct Breitbart offshoot YesButHowever.com. One of the most shocking revelations to come out during the trial was that merely two months into her ordeal, Smart was nearly saved by a Good Samaritan in a Salt Lake City library who became suspicious upon seeing a girl in a niqab in the company of …read more

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