The Ramat Givat Ze’ev neighborhood, located north of Jerusalem, is probably the most prestigious project for foreign religious residents wishing to make aliyah. Recently, dozens of heavy equipment, machinery, and tools rolled onto the project, working zealously. In addition to the basic infrastructure, Nofei Israel will develop luxury squares, beautiful greenery, parks, and many community institutions that have yet to be seen anywhere in Israel. Nofei Israel clearly intends to break the record in infrastructure and environmental development. Incredibly a minimum of $40 million will be invested solely on the infrastructure and the environment.

Ramat Givat Ze’ev is Nofei Israel’s flagship project. They have already acquired their sterling reputation in a variety of residential, commercial, and tourism projects. This is the first real estate venture of its kind in Israel. This adventure will establish a neighborhood dedicated for the Orthodox-Chareidi community who wish to settle in the country. Nofei Israel will care for all of their details in order to ensure a smooth and convenient transition for a perfect reception in their new home. Nofei Israel has spent a lot of time building a warm and homogeneous community, which includes rabbanim, professionals, plus an abundance of communal institutions that will match the residents’ lifestyle.

All this is in a luxurious residential environment, with a spectacular view of the mountains and the clear Yerushalmi air. People will also enjoy the proximity to all Torah and religious institutions in the capital.

Dozens of buyers such as rabbis, educators, lawyers, doctors, etc. have already secured their place in the project. For them, it’s a dream come true, making aliyah to Eretz Yisrael. This is with the peace of mind that the company standing behind the project is none other than Nofei Israel that is known for its international standards. Welcome to Israel!

It’s highly important to state that these days Nofei Israel is currently populating hundreds of residents in nearby Givat Ze’ev Hachadasha–a very successful project of the Orthodox-Chareidi community. v


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