One of the damaged houses in the Five Towns area

Who would have thought that getting the power back on the 5 Towns would become a New York based political football? Someday—hopefully soon—the power will come back and the lights and heat will go on.  At that point those in the position of influence and power should be called to account for this  bumbling response to this increasing by the day natural disaster.

The first to call to account should be Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  Reports surfaced over the last 24 hours saying that the mayor and the city virtually hijacked vital parts necessary to restore to service the substation that serves the Jewsih communities of the 5 Towns and Far Rockaway.

Things here are not just uncomfortable and inconvenient here but also terribly dangerous.  Case in point is that traffic flow continues unabated, however, there are very few working traffic lights.  It is not uncommon to hear the frightening sound of screeching brakes and on a occasion the an actual collision that bring traffic to a complete halt.

One of the damaged houses in the Five Towns area

With Shabbos approaching the situation is even more acute.  Neighborhood shuls have announced that mincha and Kabbolos Shabbos will be conducted prior to dark.  People in these communities walk wherever they have to go on Shabbos and with the streets virtually pitch black the danger is dramatically increased..

Legislator Howard Kopel who represents the 5 Towns in the Nassau County Legislature expressed some ire about the cooperation of the local power authority.  He told us this morning that LIPA says that about half the customers in the area have had power restored.  That may or may not be so.

Shabbos will be a challenge for thousands sitting in the dark, and dealing with temperatures that are forecasted to drop into the 30’s at night.  One of the questions that will have to be answered eventually is where was the human factor and consideration

For how people here are not just inconvenienced but also suffering.



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