For the 6th night in a row, I could not sleep at home. It was cold and dark and friends were kind enough to offer us shelter. But as you can imagine and as you may have experienced, it’s really difficult to get any real restful sleep under these conditions.

Over the last week our endurance and perseverance has been challenged on so many levels. I’ve met people who have lost everything and I am awed by their resiliency and faith that it will once again be good.

Each time over the last few days that I heard someone got their power back I was overcome with a sense of warmth and confidence that despite the bungling and aimless wandering of officials and the more than 10,000 technicians that are out there working, there was hope that maybe our area, our block would be next.

I opened my eyes in my dear friends’ Woodmere home this morning at six and asked one of my sons to once again dial our home number. To this point when we would call there would be an incessant busy signal. He dialed and for the first time in a week said to me, “Abba, it’s ringing.” We were jolted listening to the four rings, hopeful that the voice mail would pick up. When it did we knew that the power had to be back and quickly packed up to get back home.

It was a beautiful sight to see the traffic light working normally at the intersection of Central Avenue and Lawrence Avenue. It was even more beautiful to walk into the house with the lights on and the heat already pumping away. I thought we might have to make the berachah of Shehecheyanu, because even though it was only a week it felt like a year–or more.

I called Lawrence Mayor Marty Oliner to tell him about the power that had come back on in a major part of the village. He related to me that through the efforts of the people he had met at Sunday’s community meeting, working with NYS Senate Speaker Dean Skelos, our pleas to have LIPA expedite repairs had reached Governor Cuomo and immediate action was taken.

Here’s the point: You may still be living with great difficulty in the dark and the cold, but be assured that soon the day will come when power will be back or your home will be rebuilt. In the meantime, keep dialing your home number. Someday very soon the voice mail will pick up.


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