Jews worldwide are preparing for the Siyum Hashas that will take place in various locations globally. Many people have begun the daf yomi cycle and some even made it to the end of maseches Niddah. Many people will remember some or even much of what they have learned during the past daf yomi cycle.

How many of us look back at the dafim that we sacrificed to learn, and yearn for a method and an ability to recall and access the thousands of dafim. Rav Dovid Hofsteder Shlit”a saw this problem and together with the guidance of the gedolei yisroel has developed a program called Kinyan Torah.

This program was created to create the incentive of a test to help with the review of the the dafim learned each month in the daf hayomi. This program was founded in Shevat 5764. Since that time over six million dafim have been learned and reviewed many times.

One of the most beautiful aspects of “Dirshu” and its leadership is its ability to focus exclusively on enabling all jews to deepen the quality of  their learning and clarify the knowledge of the Torah that they study. This program is open to anyone who wishes to participate.

These Ideals are the cornerstone of the Dirshu projects.  Dirshu has created a wide variety of programs geared to all Jews, enabling all those who want, to be tested on their learning.

Dirshu has organized a trip to Israel for those people who have participated in the Kinyan Torah program.

I had the privilege of meeting some of those people who are traveling to attend the siyum.

The local five towns Far Rockaway community is proud of its Dirshu members who are participating in this trip. Rabbi Pinchas Birnhack of Far Rockaway is traveling with his chavrusa,  Dov Lebovic. Rabbi Birnhack began taking the kinyan torah tests starting from the middle of maseces Shabbos. He introduced his chavrush to the wonderful idea of solidifying their learning by taking the kinyan torah tests.  Together they are celebrating their monumental accomplishment by joining with thousands of fellow Jews in being mesayem  shas.

Rabbi Moshe Berger of Cleveland, OH,  began the first kollel dirshu for Ba’alei Batim.  This kollel is comprised of people who dedicate time daily, early in the morning, to continue learning with the same intensity as they had in yeshiva.

I was awed when I met Rabbi Pal from New Square who is completing shas at age twenty-seven! He has arrived here in Israel to participate in the siyum of Dirshu. Rabbi Pal has appointments with Rav Ovadya Yosef Shlit”a, and Rav Chaim Kanievski Shlita, to be tested on all of Shas with tosfos.

It is a beautiful sight to see many women traveling  with their husbands to participate in their simcha of helping and allowing their husbands to dedicate precious time to review and prepare for the monthly tests. To echo the famous words Rabbi Akiva  to his students, about his wife Rochel,  “All of our accomplishments are because of her”.


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