Rambam - Dodgeball 2Under the leadership of the chesed committee run by seniors Hudi Rosenfeld and Shlomo Sandler, along with SGO president Avi “the Snow Leopard” Martin, Rambam Mesivta’s 5th Annual 4-Corner Dodgeball Tzedakah Tournament was a huge success! Over 45 students participated in this student-run tournament which raised over $600 to benefit Camp Koby, an organization that provides a meaningful summer experience to children who have lost relatives in terrorist attacks in Israel.

The game, a variant of traditional dodgeball that involves four teams and four balls on at once, was invented by the late beloved teacher Al Hecht and has become one of the highlights of the Rambam Mesivta student activities program. The tournament combines all the elements that exemplify the notion of “smart fun” that makes Rambam’s programming unique. It encourages chesed, student empowerment, strategy, innovation, leadership, and outside-the-box thinking. “Whenever we have a trip, or our Club Hour, or run a tournament, we want the students to reflect and ask themselves how their fun can help others,” explained Assistant Principal Hillel Goldman who helped coordinate the event. “It isn’t just that we had a great time, that we had fun. It is that leadership and organizational skills were honed in making this tournament a reality and that our good time was in the context of helping others.”

The game went down to the last round with the Green Team, captained by the Snow Leopard himself, winning the tournament. The highly coveted “Al Hecht Memorial MVP” trophy was earned by Avi Martin and Jacob Dubin; Daniel Kurman, Jack Ross, and Moshe Septimus were designated as All-Stars.


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