new logoNew York, NY, February 12, 2014Dor Chadash, the leading young professional group for Israeli and American Jews in the New York area, is joining the Israeli-American Council (IAC) to upgrade and expand programming for its community. The decision was recently approved in a vote by the Board of Dor Chadash, led by Chairwoman Meara Razon. In the new configuration Dor Chadash will be known as IAC Dor Chadash, a program of the IAC.  Attached, please find a headshot of Meara, courtesy of IAC Dor Chadash.


Dor Chadash was established in 2003 as a non-profit community group dedicated to strengthening connections between the many Israeli and American Jews living in the New York area and as a forum for dynamic cultural, educational and social gatherings. It has since flourished into an active network of 15,000 members between the ages of 25 and 45. Dor Chadash has hosted some 500 programs and events attended by over 37,000 people.


Over the past decade, Dor Chadash has been extremely successful in galvanizing an active volunteer base, energized to expand the organization’s reach and programming. In order to meet the community demand, additional administrative and operational resources are needed to execute the vision.


The newly formed IAC Dor Chadash program has an ambitious strategy for increasing the number of annual events that will be more diverse in scope and target a broader range of participants. There are also plans to expand its reach by branching out further into the tri-state area, tapping a new cadre of potential leaders from its pool of volunteers who can lead not only within the group, but eventually become part of the broader Jewish and Israeli communal leadership locally.


“To ensure the viability of the organization and continued growth, Dor Chadash recognizes and welcomes the opportunity for change. The opportunity to become a program of a large, well-funded partner, such as the IAC, will allow Dor Chadash to move from a start-up, mostly volunteer-based organization, to a largely professionally-run program with sufficient funding to ensure continued growth,” said Ms. Razon.


IAC Dor Chadash plans to hire a full-time staff, including a program director and program manager. It will also be recruiting interns looking to gain experience working in Jewish non-profit management and event planning.


“As the Israeli-American Council (IAC) grows, our purpose is to support Israeli-American communities throughout the country. We achieve this goal partly by partnering and empowering local organizations and programs, such as Dor Chadash, who are eager to have IAC backing to strengthen their work,” said Shawn Evenhaim, IAC National Chairman. “We are thrilled that Dor Chadash decided to join the IAC family and that we will be able to provide more activities and programs for the Israeli-American Community in New York. Following our success with IAC BINA, the IAC young professionals program in Los Angeles, we are excited to add a new sister program for young professionals in New York with IAC Dor Chadash.”


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