“Vice President Joe Biden’s behavior made me embarrassed to be a Democrat,” says Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn), who was shocked by Vice President Joe Biden’s behavior at the Vice Presidential debate on October 11. “In three decades as an elected official, I have never seen this type of public demeanor by a leader of my party or any other party. The Vice President’s demeanor at the debates was nothing short of appalling.

“The American public did not anticipate a lesson in disrespect when tuning in to watch the Vice President debate issues with his opponent. We were expecting the dignity that should go along with the office of the Vice President. We expected a senior member of the Executive Branch of our Federal Government to comport himself with seriousness and decorum.

“Instead, we watched the Vice President of the United States repeatedly behave rudely and disrespectfully towards his opponent. I found Joe Biden’s sneering at Paul Ryan contemptuous and shocking!

“Is this the type of role model we want for our children? One can be vociferous and outspoken about issues without mocking. That type of behavior crosses the line. Sadly, the Vice President sent a message to children and young adults everywhere that being crude and condescending is synonymous with being energetic. 

“Mocking one’s opponent and laughing is not a sign of leadership–it’s a sign of disrespect. Repeatedly interrupting one’s opponent in a debate is not an indication of strength–it is an indication of an inability to clearly articulate one’s own position.

“Joe Biden’s behavior at this debate, which was watched by so many Americans, left me saddened and ashamed that evening to be a Democrat.”

Source: Press Release


  1. Cut it out Dov!

    1. You aint no democrat in the first place, i know you and the only reason you are a democrat is because you are in NYC and that’s the only chance you have to make it into office.

    2. There is much bigger things happening in your office that should “Embarrass you” than this debate. just say it loud, i don’t want Obama to win and this is another ploy how to say that without actually saying it.

    3. If there is a slow news day in your district, i can give you some ideas what to discuss.

    Metzizah B’peh
    Money taken from the government for programs
    Protecting molesters in the community
    recap of what you did (not) for the community the past 20 years

    this is just for a beginning list…


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