We are very pleased to announce that we are once again seeing patients. As of now, as mandated by New York State, we are available for dental emergencies, and anticipate that routine dental visits will be allowed by mid-June. As the health of our patients is our biggest priority, we have taken many precautions to ensure a comfortable and safe environment while also maintaining the highest standards of care.

As always, we are committed to maintaining the highest levels of infection control in line with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirements. We are also proud to announce that we have instituted a series of guidelines unique to our office that go beyond the recommendations. This is being done to ensure that our patients are as safe as possible. These guidelines include screening every patient prior to their appointment, and asking that our patients arrive to their appointments wearing a mask. On arrival, we screen our patients a second time, take their temperature, and ask them to wash their hands. As a bonus, there is no waiting in the waiting room. If a patient may have had exposure to COVID-19, we offer an antibody/antigen test that can be read in house within 15 minutes. Additionally, we have upgraded our personal protective equipment, and now wear a 3M PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator System) and medically appropriate protective equipment.

Once the appointment begins, our patients step into our new state-of-the-art Negative Pressure Room, which is equipped with an industrial strength HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration system — this is the same type of system used in hospitals that currently treat COVID-19 patients. This system ensures that the air is cleaned of possible infectious material and filtered out of the room every three minutes. The system features an intake vent that is situated right above the patient treatment location. This allows for the aerosol produced during treatment to be immediately vacuumed out of the room and out of the office. After patients are treated, the room is further cleaned and disinfected. We have also additionally equipped our rooms with HEPA filters running around the clock.

Additionally, we are offering brand new teledentistry services, which will allow us to assess and treat patients in a virtual setting without them having to leave the comfort of their homes and without any unnecessary exposure. The safety, health, and comfort of our patients are our biggest priorities and we look forward to continuing to serve our patients and provide the highest level of care.

Dr. Chana Perl’s Hewlett office can be reached at 516-295-9440.


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