Dr. David Lieberman in Lido Beach.

The Lido Beach Synagogue hosted renowned author and commentator Dr. David Lieberman, as a scholar-in-residence for Shabbos. Dr. Lieberman is an award-winning leader in the fields of human behavior and interpersonal relationships. He has trained the FBI, the U.S. military and many health professionals and has appeared on national television and radio shows. He has published 11 books including two N.Y. Times bestsellers which have been translated into 27 languages with over three million copies worldwide. Dr. Lieberman was a featured speaker at this year’s Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation Tisha B’Av event.

The Shabbos program began with a lavish Friday night dinner attended by over 50 congregants who heard Dr. Lieberman provide insights into managing relationships with difficult people. During his Shabbos morning sermon, Dr. Lieberman discussed free will and what it means for a person to be “free” and act “freely.” At the afternoon Sisterhood program at the home of Reize and Howard Sipzner, there was a lively discussion on self-esteem and how to handle difficult interpersonal situations.

To wrap up the Shabbos, Dr. Lieberman commented during Shalosh Seudos on the benefits of achieving a “Life with an Attitude of Gratitude”. Attendees at the various lectures and discussions appreciated Dr. Lieberman’s thoughtful insights, engaging delivery and willingness to tackle a variety of questions.

Rabbi Eli Biegeleisen, the recently appointed rabbi of the synagogue, noted, “Dr. Lieberman provided many practical pointers on healthy, productive relationships and character traits, all in the construct of a Torah and mentschlich view of proper human behavior. It was a very meaningful Shabbos for all of us in Lido Beach.”

Just a stone’s throw from the bustling Five Towns on Long Island’s South Shore, Lido Beach has had a thriving Orthodox Jewish community for over 50 years. There are daily minyanim and classes for all levels. The area features numerous kosher stores, an eruv, a mikveh, easy transportation into Manhattan/Brooklyn and free busing to all Far Rockaway and Five Towns schools. And of course, there is the beauty of the beach, even in the non-summer months, and many different community programs year-round.


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