Dr. Rachael Schindler

For over two decades, Rachael E. Schindler, Ph.D., has devoted her efforts to promoting her clients’ optimum health. An acclaimed psychologist, noted lecturer and author, certified pediatric and adult nutrition counselor, certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, and Pilates master, Dr. Schindler is founder of quicknlite.com and The Five Towns Diet gourmet meals delivery. A veritable “one-stop source” for cutting-edge fitness and nutrition, she is ever attuned to the needs of her clients, affording them customized programs according to their specific needs. Dr. Schindler specializes in fitness and food and behavioral issues for both children and adults and has offices in Cedarhurst and Manhattan.

Even during her tender years, Rachael showed great promise. Growing up in Forest Hills, she was an honors student with an affinity for music and dance, playing classical piano and taking ballet classes. Upon graduating from Yeshiva University’s Stern College for Women where she majored in biology, Rachael achieved success as manager of a real estate office and teacher. She then received a degree in forensic psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and another master’s degree and a PhD in developmental and clinical psychology from the prestigious Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, with a health emphasis. With her dance training and as the daughter of a holistic therapist mother, Rachael advocated the holistic approach of psychological support; that sound nutrition and not over-exercising are key components to successful weight loss, particularly for individuals who crave sugar or have difficulty losing weight.

That formula brought her to having her own office in Cedarhurst, an office in Life Gym as their new nutritional counselor in-house, and an office in Manhattan. She received special training from New York Sports Club to be on the cutting-edge of fitness.

That Dr. Schindler enjoys a high success rate with her clients who wax poetic about her encouraging, sound, and healthy approach to weight loss and maintenance attests to her expertise, consummate professionalism, and dedication to her clients.

“I started my own diet food line in response to the need for gluten-free, no sugar added, high fiber foods to help people feel satisfied and tantalized while losing weight,” Dr. Schindler explained. It began with Quick ‘N’ Lite at Mauzone in Cedarhurst and soon expanded to her own commissary for The Five Towns Diet, featuring full and partial day delivery of a plethora of palate pleasing possibilities: meals, snacks, and catering options, all fresh and absolutely delicious, affording real-tasting food to the calorie conscious, while being devoid of guilt-producing consequences!

Masterfully prepared and orchestrated to culinary perfection, each menu option is a standout in its own right. Arguably the most popular product is the celebrated cauliflower crust pizza, enjoying such success it has been prominently featured on the Today Show where it was savored by the hosts! Gluten-free, with no added sugar and high in fiber, it features an all-vegetable crust that is delicious and satisfying. Low in calories and ideal for dieters and diabetics, cauliflower crust pizza is on the “it list” of kids and adults, an incredible product that can be labor intensive to make but easy for everyone to enjoy–especially in the family pack.

In her new position as in-house nutritional consultant at Life Clubs in Lawrence, Dr. Rachael Schindler is offering free metabolic testing and a 20-minute complimentary session for anyone who signs up in the month of January (members and non-members). Rachael will also be conducting health forums and nutritional seminars with topics that include, “How to Rev Your Metabolism,” “Step by Step Cures for Emotional Eaters,” and “Gain Control of Your Eating and Your Life.” Sign up at DrSchindler@lifefitnessclubs.com. v


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