By Jerry Gordon

Phillipe Karsenty was convicted of defamation by what passes for a Court in France for having the effrontery of revealing the fraud of the Al Dura affair and attacking the lies of the producer of the infamous child killing fraudulent video Charles Enderlin and the state owned France 2 TV News channel.

This is Kafkesque. Doubtless this travesty of justice will be appealed. The stain of this court ruling is on the honor of France for this calumny. But then think of the Dreyfus affair. After three trials it was left for the President of France to ‘pardon’ Capt. Henri Dreyfus for the sin of being Jewish and set up by an anti-Semitic French General Staff. The irony in the Karsenty case is that both he and Enderlin are Jewish.

In our NER video interview with Nidra Poller, see here, on the Al Dura affair, we asked about the peculiarities of the French system of justice (?). She responded:

Gordon: Because the Al-Dura affair has persisted, it has involved a series of legal matters in the French courts. One of the principle accusers of the fraud is Philippe Karsenty . He who appears to be a minor hero for taking on this myth that Mr. Enderlin and others including the Palestinian camera man have perpetuated in this regard. What can you tell us about that and more importantly how peculiar is the French juridical system?

Poller: I attended on almost every hearing in this case. I know Philippe. I have known him since he started working on the case. I covered the whole trial. In the first trial I was sitting very close to Maitre Amblard who is the lawyer for France2 and Enderlin. I write about her head of thick, white hair and all of her gestures. I especially wrote about a pile of folders and documents that she had. I was thinking my goodness, she must have all of this evidence and here I am stupid and thinking I’m a journalist and writing about this. When the trial started, I don’t know what was in the stack of files. They didn’t have anything and all of the years they’ve never have produced a bit of evidence. They don’t cross-examine. What happens in the court resembles nothing you could imagine in an American court where people are put on the spot. So there was not any kind of cross-examination and over the years, I have seen Philippe improve his presentation and his manner of dealing with this situation. He presented three dimensional mock-ups of the Netzarim Junction. At first when Amblard presented to three judge panel, …read more
Source: Israpundit


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